Ames Water Treatment Plant Construction Update

June 2016

Contract 1 – Utilities:  All new raw and finished water mains are installed and pressure tested.  Final grading and restoration of disturbed areas are nearing completion and the newly planted grass is getting thicker by the day.  All paving and gravel access roads have been restored.  The contractor continues to flush and disinfect the new water mains as necessary with 5 of the 6 segments complete.  After the last segment is disinfected, only a few items will be left to button up Contract 1.

Contract 2 – New Water Treatment Plant:  Construction is moving along with nearly the entire tall concrete wall pours and large slab pours complete. The tower crane will be demobilized soon and the contractor will begin setting the large precast wall panels with a very large crawler crane.  Much of the large equipment is onsite with some of it already installed including the high lift pumps, cascade aerators, and the solids contact units.  The tall lime bins have been constructed onsite then sandblasted, and painted.  Process piping, structural steel, plumbing, and electrical continue to move along as the main building expands upward and outward.

Several high service and backwash pumps have been installed; here one is being set.

The softening process happens here in the solids contact unit (1 of 3). In the background, 3 aerators can be seen.

3.Lance Aldrich and John Washington - FOX engineers for process and site design

Lance Aldrich and John Washington – FOX engineers for process and site design

Silos store lime for softening.

Silos store lime for softening.

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