“Engineering Like a Girl!”

Encouraging women and girls of all ages to develop and nurture their gifts for math and science is critical to the field of engineering. Today, the daughter of one of our own here at FOX attended an “Iowa State Engineering Kids” (ISEK) camp for girls, “Engineering Like a Girl!” This camp is for girls who have an interest in science and math, something Brooklyn certainly has; and, she’s good at both! Brooklyn is 9; she attends Sawyer Elementary School here in Ames.

Maybe she’s a future FOX engineer? We hope so – she would join a staff where 25% of our engineers are female; this number is ahead of the norms:  “… 18% of graduates earning baccalaureate degrees in engineering currently are women, but women make up only about 10% of the engineering workforce … disciplines with the highest percentage of female graduates are environmental (44%), biomedical (39%), chemical (33%), and biological and agricultural (31%). The percentage of females in both mechanical and electrical/computer engineering, by far the largest engineering disciplines in terms of numbers of graduates, have the lowest percentage of female graduates of all disciplines (about 11%).”*

And what did the budding engineer think of her experience? “‘Engineering Like a Girl’ at Iowa State was fun because we got to program robots to go through mazes while working with a partner.”

Iowa State Engineering Kids Camps

Engineering Like a Girl! – Full day camp just for girls.  Put your creativity and problem solving skills to the test as we innovate ways to make our world a better place and learn about future career paths.  Discover how engineering impacts your life and learn about the famous women who will surely inspire you.  

*National Society of Professional Engineers; “Women in Engineering: Part 1 – What is Going On?”; Published June 3, 2013 by Craig Musselman, P.E., F.NSPE  Read the story here


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