FOX Engineering Associates, Inc. Merges with Stumbo & Associates Land Surveying

Ames, IA— FOX Engineering Associates, Inc. has merged with Stumbo & Associates Land Surveying – a provider of professional land surveying services. This will grow the firm’s ability to provide accurate and legal project documentation for a diverse client base.

FOX specializes in providing clean water for their public and private sector clients with comprehensive support in designing small and large-scale infrastructure improvement projects through engineering design, construction inspection and administration, and project review services.

Stumbo also has a long legacy of building strong relationships through a commitment to quality services and land surveying excellence. Stumbo has a diverse background working on a variety of projects for use by development professionals, property owners, legal and financial professionals, public utilities and agencies, construction professionals and local, state, and federal government agencies.

“For nearly forty years we have provided exceptional service to our clients, always relying on our core values of integrity, ethics, and professionalism,” said Brad Stumbo, President of Stumbo. “We are looking forward to beginning a new chapter in our company’s history, one that will further our efforts to perform precise land surveys for many more years.”

For more information, please contact Keith Hobson at or 515.233.0000.

FOX Engineering is an environmental engineering firm based in Ames, Iowa. We specialize in water and wastewater solutions for our diverse municipal and industrial clients. Our work varies in size and scope and can be found throughout the Midwest and beyond.