Kennybrook Park Is Open for “Business”!

September 19, 2018

Congratulations to the city of Grimes!

Over the years, FOX Engineering has had the honor of working with the city of Grimes on a variety of projects: streetscapes, highways, water, stormwater, wastewater – the list is long. This time, we had the distinct pleasure of sharing the joy that comes from opening a new park.

The ribbon cutting for the opening of Kennybrook South Park was attended by Grimes Chamber and Economic Development Ambassadors, Councilman Eric Johansen, and neighborhood parents among others. Most importantly, it was attended by lots of kids excited about a beautiful new place to run and play!

This is a project that FOX designed/administered in partnership with the Grimes Parks and Recreation Department and Public Works with direction from City Council. The project, constructed on parkland dedicated to the city of Grimes as part of the Kennybrook South Subdivision, was bid on March 21, 2018. The contract awarded to Caliber Concrete included grading of the site, storm sewer, water fountain, half basketball court, placement of trail/sidewalk, a park shelter, and placement of playground surfacing.

The Parks and Rec department chose unique and beautiful equipment for the playground area, and Public Works added the finishing touches with landscaping, grading of the site, and a sand volleyball court.

The estimate for the project, including engineering fees, park equipment, and water fountain equipment supplied by the city of Grimes was $300,000.  All said and done, the project was constructed and administered for less than $270,000.

This parkland project will stand for years to come as a testament to Grimes’ desire to provide beautiful amenities to its citizens, specifically those youthful citizens who need places to grow and play. FOX is truly grateful to be a part of such a great endeaver.

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