Meet Our Newest FOX Experts: Property Surveys Are Their Passion

The newly expanded property survey department here at FOX has a great deal of expertise to share and wants you to know that a well-prepared land survey will be the least expensive part of your total land investment cost. See our companion article which explains the need for a Professional Land Surveyor and the intricacies of land surveys – when you might need one and the associated costs and benefits.

Brad Larson – Records/Database/Accounting

Once a project has been secured, Brad sets up the file and indexes the job in a database and accounting system. He then performs records research, looking online, in-house, and at the courthouse of the county in which the project is located. He will search for current and historic deeds to determine ownership, maps and past surveys to determine what corner monuments might exist, and any other historic records that might be needed depending on the nature of the project.

Don Naglak – Leader of Survey Crew

Don is responsible for leading the field survey crew in the search for property corner and section corner monuments. He will also look for and shoot other evidence that will assist the Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) in determining accurate property boundaries. Once the PLS has determined the correct property boundary locations, Don will take that information and reset any missing corner monuments.

Aaron Westphalen – Survey Tech

Aaron’s duties include caring for the field truck, making sure it remains stocked with the materials and equipment necessary for performing all field survey work. He also assists Don with all aspects of the field surveying. Upon completion of the fieldwork, Aaron will download the shot points and, together with Don, will post-process the data and get it ready for the PLS to finalize.


Upon completion of the drafting, Don and Aaron will review and proof the plat that will eventually be recorded.

Brad Stumbo, PLS

As the credentialed professional, Brad is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the survey, from research to recording of the final product. Specifically, Brad takes the field data from the crew and performs the calculations and verification necessary to determine an accurate boundary location. He will then prepare either a Plat of Survey or subdivision plat, depending on the project, which will become public record at the county courthouse. Brad’s interactions with the client and necessary legal authorities are critical in providing the most accurate results.


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