North Liberty East Growth Sanitary Sewer

Success! Timing was critical for this project – a new school opening and residential development depended on it.

The construction site of the North Liberty High School received sanitary sewer service and potable drinking water by April 1, 2016 (the contract date), well ahead of the start of school, and several nearby residential developments under construction were able to utilize sanitary and water services from this project.

The sanitary sewer pump station was also completed on time. Start-up occurred fall 2016 once the paving of North Liberty Road and utility extensions (water/electrical power) were completed. This pump station serves 450 acres of growth area.

Restoration of the disturbed stream channel was successfully completed.   The project installed control measures in the stream that included check dams, rock riffles, and concrete culvert crossings.  These control measures will improve the stream by reducing water velocity, reducing channel down-cutting, and adding air to the stream water.  Several stream banks were improved with permanent turf reinforcement matting with vegetation or stone.  These measures will reduce bank erosion.

The project was a success for the City of North Liberty:

  • Completed $340,000 under budget
  • Completed on project schedule
  • Restored and improved stream channels
  • Restored disturbed areas with native planting
  • Extended utility service area for future community growth


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