Update on Rule Status of the Copper Biotic Ligand Model

The Iowa Environmental Protection Commission approved changes to the rule that would allow POTWs to utilize the Copper Biotic Ligand Model (BLM) to establish site-specific water quality limits for copper.

Status of the rule? It is under review at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Once approved by EPA, this method is expected to allow POTWs to provide data to IDNR for a model that calculates the toxicity of copper to aquatic life in a specific environment – generally anticipated to be a significantly higher limit than the standard calculations establish.

Winnie Gleason, P.E., has championed the effort to change the rule and worked closely with IDNR as a member of their Technical Advisory Committee.

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Ms. Gleason’s articles on copper and the BLM:




Stay tuned – in the coming months, we will provide updates on the rule’s status at EPA and the challenges of copper and other metals.

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