Clean Water and Sanitation: Everyone Forever

Since the founding of FOX Engineering, employees have been involved in the Iowa Water For People Committee to help promote Water For People’s vision to bring clean drinking water and sanitation services to “Everyone Forever”. Five current or former FOX Engineering employees have received Water For People’s Kenneth J. Miller Founder’s Award for their efforts with the Iowa Committee.

Water For People was born out of the largest water non-profit organization, the American Water Works Association (AWWA), in the 1980s with a mission… “to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments.” Water For People has worked in over 40 countries since it was founded and currently operates in nine countries, with the team in each country working toward targeted and sustainable goals.

Through golf tournaments, silent auctions, and cup collections at each major Iowa Water Environment Association (IAWEA) and Iowa Section AWWA annual conference, the Iowa Water For People Committee has raised over $120,000 in calendar years 2012 through 2020! This is average fundraising of over $13,000. This year has been an incredibly tough year for many, but the generosity of individuals, companies, and organizations helped us fundraise over $5,200 with the single best silent auction on record raising over $3,000. In addition, IAWEA, Iowa Section AWWA, and members and friends of both also supported Water For People through the Global Mosaic Challenge back in May and June, raising a total of $3,430. This brings total calendar year 2020 Water For People Iowa Committee fundraising to just over $8,700!

FOX Engineering’s encouragement and promotion of Water For People through the Iowa Committee highlights FOX’s desire to work together to find innovative water and wastewater solutions to complex problems to ultimately protect public health and our environment.

FOX Engineering is an environmental engineering firm based in Ames, Iowa. We specialize in water and wastewater solutions for our diverse municipal and industrial clients. Our work varies in size and scope and can be found throughout the Midwest and beyond.