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Conversion to River Discharge

An amino acids plant producing animal feed supplements desired to convert from a pretreatment facility to a direct discharger. The pretreatment plant was a plug flow activated sludge plant consisting of equalization, a three-zone aeration basin, a post aeration anoxic zone, a re-aeration basin, and a final clarifier prior to discharging to a neighboring wastewater treatment plant.

Dissolved Air Flotation Improvements

This pork slaughterhouse facility had a 35-foot diameter dissolved air flotation thickener and an 11’ x 52’ rectangular DAF unit for wastewater pretreatment. FOX was hired to review the DAF performance and recommend improvements.

Flow EQ, Pump Station, and Odor Control

This large Minnesota city owns and operates an industrial wastewater treatment facility which treats wastewater from a hog processing plant. The industrial wastewater facilities consist of flow equalization and an anaerobic contact treatment process which was originally constructed in the late 1950s.

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