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West Side Sanitary Sewer

Collection system planning is a cost-effective way to assess and maintain a city’s current system, and aids in positioning the city for economic growth.

Collection System

Economic development is an essential focus for Iowa communities. In Oelwein, population 6,415, city officials took a practical, pro-active approach to readying themselves for potential activity and growth.

Water Distribution Pressure Zone Improvements

Oelwein was founded in a low lying area and expanded to higher ground as the population grew.

Iowa River Sanitary Sewer Interceptor

In 2008, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources issued a consent order to the city of Marshalltown requiring elimination of sanitary sewer overflows and basement backups for at least the 5-year storm event.

Ellis Avenue Improvements

Since 2000, the city of Iowa Falls has been examining its infrastructure needs. Like many other communities, the city has known economic challenges and slowed growth.

Main Street

For over a decade, Grimes Council and staff have planned and strategized for the revitalization of their downtown.

Highway 44

A city’s ability to safely and expeditiously move its citizens from one place to another is dependent on a number of services not the least of which is a well-maintained and thoughtfully planned transportation system.

Sanitary Sewer Trunk System

This rapidly growing community located in the heart of the Des Moines metro area needed to plan for future development while remaining vigilant about the existing needs of their infrastructure.

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