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Water Treatment Plant – Site Development and Stormwater Management

Challenge: FOX began the planning phase for the Ames Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in 2008. An analysis of the city’s facilities showed that a new, larger facility was needed to meet future water demands. For the new site, Ames selected a 43-acre property that would make use of existing infrastructure. Improvements were made to approximately […]

Hickory Grove Lake Watershed Improvements – Phase 1

Challenge: Hickory Grove Lake is a popular destination for recreation in central Iowa. The 400-acre park and 98-acre lake have campground amenities, a beach for swimming, and fishing opportunities. In February of 2014, FOX Engineering Associates, Inc. (FOX) worked with Story County Conservation (SCC) staff to develop grant applications to the Iowa Department of Agriculture […]

South Story City Drainage Improvements

Challenge: Story City initiated a study of its stormwater facilities after major flooding, most recently in 2008 and 2010. On the southern side of the city, flooding caused significant damage to residential properties and jeopardized operations at a Bethany Life assisted living and nursing care facility, home to 200 elderly residents. A study determined that […]

North Walnut Creek Grimes Watershed Study

Challenge To provide sound stormwater management practices within the North Walnut Creek Watershed and meet growing development needs, the city needed an evaluation of the watershed to study past development as well as consider future stormwater management needs. This included review of existing land development, urban land management, rural land management, a hydrologic and hydraulic […]

Dotson Drive Extension

Challenge The Ames Community School District facilities at Dotson Drive and Mortenson Road did not have a roadway connection across College Creek to the north.  An extension across the creek was needed to reduce traffic problems and to allow access to the school’s facilities on the north side of College Creek. The proposed roadway extension […]

FEMA Preliminary Flood Mapping Appeal

Challenge The city of Grimes is one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Iowa. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued new National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) preliminary flood insurance rate maps.  The preliminary mapping provided more detailed analysis of the floodplain in and around the city of Grimes and replaced the […]

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