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Turner Street Sanitary Sewer Pump Station and Force Main

Challenges: In 2008, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources issued a consent order to the city of Marshalltown requiring elimination of sanitary sewer overflows and basement backups. In response, the city initiated a program to reduce infiltration/inflow (I&I) in the sanitary sewer system and provide collection system improvements for conveyance of up to a 10-year […]

Biogas Generator Replacement 2016

One of the city’s two biogas engine-generators permanently failed. It was 40 years old and would require more money to fix than it was worth ($1/4M). Sizing a new engine-generator had very little to do with the parameters of the existing engine-generator. The Performance Edge Project reduced the city’s need for capacity.

New Sequencing Batch Reactor Plant

The city (pop. 7326) has treated wastewater at this site since 1924. Facilities included preliminary treatment, primary clarification, single-stage trickling filter, final clarification, and anaerobic digestion. Frequent violations associated with sanitary overflows during storm events mandated action to gain control of the collection system and treatment facilities.

Wastewater Treatment Improvements

The city had operated a trickling filter wastewater treatment plant since the early 1960s. The plant was expanded and rehabbed in the late 1980s. Since that time, the facility reliably met its effluent limits and provided Red Oak with more than 20 years of operation with relatively few improvements.

Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Plant: Phase I

Growth brings challenges along with opportunities for innovation and sound environmental choices. North Liberty is a rapidly growing community in Johnson County, near Iowa City. This growth required expansion of the existing wastewater treatment facility, originally constructed in 1998.

Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Plant: Phase II

Continued rapid growth (100% since 2007) required implementation of the Phase II plant expansion. FOX completed design and bidding of the expansion in 2015. This project, currently under construction, is truly a team effort with plant staff having a great deal of input on design; it will increase the treatment capacity to accommodate a population of approximately 28,000.

Energy Efficiency

Performance Edge is the name given to a cooperative effort between the city and Alliant Energy. In 2011, FOX Engineering began a detailed evaluation of the Marshalltown wastewater treatment plant in cooperation with Alliant Energy. The mission was to identify improvements that could be made to the facility that would reduce the plant’s energy consumption with a payback of five to seven years.

Peak Holding and Pumping Improvements

The existing flow equalization basin and pumping system were inadequate to handle peak flows during major storm events.

Sequencing Batch Reactor Wastewater Treatment Plant

The city (pop. 7,112) has been treating wastewater at this site since 1940. Existing facilities included preliminary treatment, primary clarification, a carbonaceous trickling filter, intermediate clarification, a nitrification trickling filter, final clarification, anaerobic digestion, and liquid sludge storage.

Municipal Treatment of Industrial Wastewater

In 1988, Marshalltown Water Pollution Control Plant was faced with a problem of increased ammonia loads in the wastewater discharge from a large industrial contributor and more restrictive ammonia discharge limits from IDNR to protect the Iowa River.

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