Surface Water Treatment Plant

  • Client City of Clarinda
  • Type Water
  • Services Design and Construction
  • Construction Cost $9.3 million
  • Project Manager Dale A. Watson, P.E., Ph.D., BCEE
  • Project Engineer Steve J. Troyer, P.E., BCEE


Faced with deteriorating water plant structures and equipment, mounting repair costs, and the ever-increasing difficulty in complying with drinking water regulations, the city realized that critical action was necessary. In 2004, after much deliberation, the Clarinda City Council decided it was time to set into motion the processes to plan, design, and construct an entirely new water treatment facility. The council then retained FOX Engineering for the services needed to bring their dream to fruition.

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Economic viability was another aspect of the new water treatment facility. Throughout the planning process, the City decision-makers held cost-effectiveness as a major project goal. The planning efforts, design process, value engineering, and construction administration process were all conducted with the goal of obtaining the best possible value for the city and its water customers. The final construction cost for the water treatment facility was $9,280,000.

The project team met all deadlines during the planning and design of the project. Construction also proceeded according to schedule, and start-up went as planned in May 2007.

In addition to providing enhanced water quality, the new water treatment facility has increased the supply capacity for Clarinda by more than 50 percent. This is crucial for rural Iowa communities that are continually on the lookout for economic development opportunities.


FOX Engineering is proud to say that they and the City of Clarinda, received the 2008 American Council of Engineering Companies of Iowa (ACEC/Iowa) Honor Award for Engineering Excellence for the Clarinda Water Treatment Facility.1. Aerial