Grimes, IA

Water Treatment Plant

  • Client City of Grimes
  • Type Water
  • Services Facility Plan, Design, Construction
  • Project Manager Steven J. Troyer, P.E.,BCEE


Population growth had stressed the capacity of the water system. There was only one reliable well and it could not meet demand on a peak use day and water quality from the Jordan aquifer well was not good. The filtration and zeolite softening treatment plant delivered safe and reasonable quality water but the treatment capacity was even less than the well.



FOX evaluated and then compared the relative cost of developing and treating a new source of water with connection to the Des Moines Water Works. Long-term costs of the alternatives were close but the city chose developing and treating their own source of water to maintain control of their community growth and future.

FOX designed and administered construction of a 1.8 MGD lime softening treatment plant and 400,000 gallon ground storage reservoir that provides excellent quality water and meets all regulatory and aesthetic requirements for a projected twenty-year life.


Cost saving features of this expansion included locating the plant adjacent to the wastewater plant to take advantage of available lagoon space for lime sludge disposal and developing a unique pumping system to prevent the need for an expensive new elevated storage tank in the distribution system.


In 2016, a special census showed that since the 2010 census the city’s population had increased by 38.5%.  FOX is currently working with the city to proactively plan for future needs and the next phase of expansion. The first order of business will be a revised facility plan to evaluate well fields, treatment plant, and water distribution system including storage and booster pumping station capacity in an effort to assemble a schedule and cost estimates for capital improvements. A Reverse Osmosis pilot study is ongoing and with the possible use of a new water source, the city will consider pilot testing a new technology.

Grimes R.O. Pilot

Grimes R.O. Pilot