Ames, Iowa

Water Treatment Plant – Utilities

  • Client City of Ames
  • Type Water
  • Services Design, Construction
  • Construction Cost $3.2 million
  • Project Manager John Gade, P.E.; Mitch Holtz, P.E., Assistant PM
  • Project Engineer John Washington, P.E., Administration; Jenny Ruddy, P.E., Water Modeling

Over the past few decades, Ames Water and Pollution Control has chosen FOX Engineering as design engineer for various well and water system improvements. Design for the new 15 MGD water treatment plant, along with site planning, stormwater management, and utility installation, are the most recent improvements. The plant was completed in August 2017.

On the Contract 1 Utility Project, Ames made use of FOX’s planning and assessment skills to determine routing schemes for raw and finished water mains to connect existing facilities to the new plant. Griggs Environmental completed a wetland study along with a Habitat Assessment. The SRF program completed archaeological, mussel, and botanical surveys.

FOX modeled routes to evaluate headloss conditions under various design flows, evaluated different pipe materials, and verified main capacities. This modeling determined the size of the raw and finished water mains. Each route was evaluated based on capital costs, construction issues, environmental impacts, and property owner impacts.

The team’s overarching objectives were to minimize impact to the environment and water treatment operations. FOX worked closely with City staff to ensure their input was incorporated and their goals for the project were attained. FOX worked with the Ames electrical department, parks department, and public works to gain their input. FOX obtained permits from Ames Flood Plain Development, 404 Joint Permit covering IDNR Floodplains, IDNR Soverign Lands, US Army Corps of Engineers, IDNR NPDES General Permit #2, and IDNR Water Construction.

The low bid was $3.2 million. FOX provided construction administration services, part-time observation services, and construction staking.