Marshalltown, IA

Water Wells

  • Client Marshalltown Water Works
  • Type Water
  • Services Source
  • Project Manager Lance J. Aldrich, P.E., BCEE


Frequency of flood events necessitated the revision of the 100-year flood designation of the Iowa River and several wells were threatened. Location of safe, reliable water sources was essential.


Marshalltown Water Works, with the assistance of FOX Engineering, identified a potentially large volume well in the Mississippian limestone formation along the Iowa River. Located west of the treatment plant, the well was test pumped at over 4,200 gallons per minute with a small drawdown.

The Water Works needed a well pump, connecting piping, controls, and an enclosure for this well to be a functional raw water source. The FOX team, including Kaeding and Associates, designed the pump and motor, controls, piping, and well house to provide 4,000 gallons per minute of raw water to the treatment plant on a regular basis.

4. Well


The well is protected from the 100-year flood and includes a building that is removable for easy service of the well and pump. The well is equipped with a variable frequency drive to allow pumping at any rate needed by the plant.

The well is one of the largest water producers in the state of Iowa and on many days can meet the entire water requirement for customers of the Marshalltown Water Works. The single well is an efficient method for providing a significant portion of the water demands of the city.